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Integrating video and still images with Move Solutions installations.

As the availability and capability of structural health monitoring sensors expands, the integration of images can be key to being able to quickly react to alarm triggers, unusual sensor readings or the loss of sensor or gateway communication.

Being able to quickly view a still or live image feed from site can save on false alarms and enable the right response to be sent to site if an issue has occurred.

With Move Solution’s system enabling access to wireless dynamic monitoring sensors, the ability to receive LIVE data from sites brings with it the potential need to validate what is happening when exceptional structural frequency responses are recorded.

If you are new to dynamic accelerometer monitoring the frequency behaviours of a structure the video below may help you appreciate the basic principles of what the Move Solutions sensors are monitoring.

Dyna-mo Instruments is working with Move Solutions to enable 4K video and still image capability alongside your Move Solutions system installation.

We’d love to read your comments on any functionality you would like to see this integration capable of delivering.

- Sensor alarm linked video capture?

- Motion detection?

- Sensor alarm email including still image?

What‘s more important, video streaming or still images?

We develop integrated solutions to solve your installation challenges so please get in touch if you have a specific need or question for us to solve.

m 07533 970209


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