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Leveraging Our Members Collective Buying Power


Economies of scale can be difficult to leverage for an independent business.

By consolidating their purchasing power, our members reduce costs across a broad range of devices, consumables and ancillaries. 

DBG is an open and transparent buying group, operating to benefit our members directly in reducing the cost of purchasing a wide range of products that are critical to delivering survey, inspection and monitoring services to their clients. 

Cameras & Video
Solar Components
Cables & Chargers
Power Supplies
Lasers & Levels
Measuring Wheels & Tapes
Spirit Levels
Ranging Poles
Prisms & Targets
Structural Sensors
Environmental Sensors
Geotechnical Sensors
Remote Monitoring Sensors & Gateways
Two Way Radios
Site Marking

How is DBG different to other distributors and dealers?

As a buying group, DBG does not look to sell to our members. Instead we use our members existing requirements and purchases to leverage better pricing and terms.

We work with our members to consolidate spend wherever possible without limiting their individual choice and preference. 

Why join DBG?

  • Leverage better buying power.

  • Fixed pricing periods.

  • Access to supplier training and new product introductions.

  • Networking opportunities.

  • Annual members dinner / awards.

  • More members = more purchasing leverage.

  • Finance partners to support high value purchases.

Is there a membership fee to join DBG?

Yes, there is a nominal membership fee to join DBG. 

The membership fee contributes to some of the overheads associated with the administration of the buying group, our training and information seminars and annual dinner / awards evening. 

How do I register interest in joining DBG?

Dyna-mo Buying Group will be launching on April 2nd 2024. To register your interest, click on the button below and complete the interest registration form. There is no commitment to join DBG at this time. You will be invited to our launch event in January 2024 where more details will be presented along with and an opportunity to raise questions and to sign up.

How does DBG make money?

By leveraging the buying groups collective purchasing power we are able to reduce prices to our members whilst retaining a small margin to cover the overheads of our team. We negotiate rebates with our suppliers based on annual purchase volumes and this rebate is shared with our members to further increase their savings. 

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