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N-Viro systems provide remote wireless monitoring of multiple environmental parameters including noise, air quality, wind, rainfall, gas detection, temperature, humidity and air pressure.


The CMM range provides the perfect monitoring system for construction and demolition sites ensuring noise and dust levels do not create an environmental hazard for local residents and workers onsite.


The WS range provides remote weather monitoring for a variety of applications.

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Environmental Monitoring Systems

N-Viro CCM
Noise, Air Quality & Wind Monitoring System

N-Viro CCM systems provide a ready to install industrial monitoring solution. Integrating a class 2 microphone for noise monitoring and an MCerts* particulate sensor for air quality monitoring with the options to add additional environmental sensors. N-Viro systems are designed to integrate into wireless communication systems to provide remote data access and visualisation. The system output is 2 wire 4-20mA.

Download the N-Viro CCM System information sheet

N-Viro WS
Weather Station

N-Viro WS systems provide a ready to install industrial weather monitoring solution. The WS system sensor captures multiple weather parameters including wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, humidity, air temperature and rainfall. In addition to providing readings for the current weather conditions, the WS system can provides average, minimum and maximum readings over time. The WS system comes in 3 options. 

  • 4-channel analogue output to connect to analogue data loggers or wireless nodes.

  • 8-channel analogue output to connect to analogue data loggers or wireless nodes.

  • WSi system with integrated wireless node and remote LTE gateway to send data to any network server.

Download the N-Viro WS & WS System information sheet

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