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About Us

  Empowering Strutural Health Monitoring  

Dyna-mo Instruments was established 2021 to provide integrated and tested products to support the adoption of the wireless structural health monitoring systems and to overcome the challenges related to installations in more complex locations. As our range of supporting installation accessories grew, so did the number of enquiries for additional sensors, power systems and monitoring tools.

Today Dyna-mo Instruments is focussed on providing a range of structural health monitoring products to support and enable the adoption and installation of a diverse range of technologies and data acquisition techniques. Our experience in the market and technical know-how allows us to explore and develop effective and efficient solutions to the integration of data, power, comms and physical installations to achieve cost effective results.

We work closely with our distribution partners to simplify the procurement routes, as our products are often purchase alongside other monitoring instruments and systems. 

To further support the enablement of monitoirng installations we offer customised product development. From secure cabinets to house communication systems to installation accessories power systems and site comms, please get in touch to discuss your needs and challenges and we will work with you to find the ideal solution.  

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Dyna-mo Instruments is a trading name of SBB Creative Ltd (13401763)

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