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Automatic Total Station Monitoring : Remote Off-Grid Solar Power System

Off-grid solar power for automated total station remote monitoring.

13 May 2024

Building Vibration Monitoring

Vibration damage to buildings Definition Building vibration is defined in the German standard DIN 4150-3 standard as a mechanical...

14 November 2023

Sustainability In Technology

In an era of increasing urbanization and growing demands for sustainable development, the management of critical infrastructure,...

2 November 2023

Wireless Remote Structural, Geotechnical & Environmental  Monitoring

With so many systems to choose from, choosing the right wireless remote sensor based monitoring system can be confusing and a complex...

23 October 2023

Staying One Step Ahead of Environmental Change

With more and more natural disasters happening all over the world and climate change at an unprecedented high, knowing what is happening...

17 October 2023

Sensor Data Management

A growing complexity that is only getting greater with the growth of new IoT device and system providers. Toby Cottam - Managing Director...

23 August 2023

Dyna-mo Vision Compact Launched

Supporting the growing demand for onsite and remote video monitoring We are delighted to launch Dyna-mo Vision Compact. An equally...

22 August 2023

2023 Brings New Partnerships

With 2023 well underway we took some time to review how our business has grown and consider where we are heading. Dyna-mo Instruments...

3 March 2023

Measuring Wind Load / Force (N)

We received an enquiry this morning asking how it would be possible to monitor wind load/force in a tunnel. Measuring wind force requires...

23 November 2022

How to spec a solar power system…

When mains power isn't available the sun provides us with a perfect source of power. But selecting a fit for purpose solar power system...

21 November 2022

Tilt-beams. Why use them?

With an abundance of wireless tilt-sensors on the market, and with their adoption increasing, what is the value of including tilt-beams...

7 November 2022

Considerate Constructor - Environmental Monitoring

Whether its a high-rise city centre BTR or a country village self build, construction sites will always have a direct impact on the local...

26 October 2022

It’s our birthday!!!
It’s our birthday!!!
What an incredible years it’s been. We’ve seen our business go from strength to strength with new partnerships, new customers, foreign travels, new team members and so much more!!! Thank you to each and every organisation and person that has worked with us and supported our growing business!
Dyna mo Vision 24 hour monitoring
Dyna mo Vision 24 hour monitoring
Dyna-mo Vision - Intelligent Remote #VideoMonitoring - provides up to 4K 8mp resolution images 24 hours a day even at night. Detect vehicles, people, animals, activity onsite and receive notifications via email or any mobile device. View live camera feeds via mobile and desktop applications. Store captured images in the cloud for 2days to 2years. All video captured can be downloaded to local storage. Supplied ready to install We can even pre-install a SIM card* Purchase and Hire options available. More more information, to arrange a demo or request a quote please get in touch *monthly fee applicable. #remotemonitoring #remoteaccess #mobileapp #DesktopApp
Dyna-mo Instruments 3D Design & Print Services
Dyna-mo Instruments 3D Design & Print Services
As part of our expanding offering we now provide 3D design and print services in collaboration with our sister business unit Developing new products to solve installation and product challenges can be an expensive process. Our 3D services can save time and money producing rapid prototypes or short run production units.
Dyna-mo Vision is a complete intelligent remote video monitoring system.
Dyna-mo Vision is a complete intelligent remote video monitoring system.
With motion detection and analytics triggers, Dyna-mo Vision provides real time and retrospective video for remote locations. *Cloud Subscription required per camera from video storage from just £8.66 per month. *LTE connection requires nano SIM card.
Dyna-mo Vision - Validating dynamic sensor readings
Dyna-mo Vision - Validating dynamic sensor readings
Overlaying motion triggered video recordings with dynamic data recordings can provide an invaluable understanding of how a structure is responding to forces. Direction, speed, duration and load can all effect the dynamic behaviour of a structure. Video data can enable the comparison of similar forces to compare how the structure is responding and evolving over time. Dyna-mo Vision intelligent remote video monitoring system can be installed anywhere there is a mobile signal.
Dyna-mo Vision - changing camera settings via the phone app.
Dyna-mo Vision - changing camera settings via the phone app.
Configuring settings for Dyna-mo Vision cameras is quick and easy via the phone app on IOS or Android.
Dyna-mo Vision - Validating Sensor Readings
Dyna-mo Vision - Validating Sensor Readings
Structural health monitoring sensors can often present data that will require validation to confirm what has caused the readings and if there is reason for concern. Dyna-mo Vision can provide remote activity validation via desktop and mobile dashboards to prevent the need for unnecessary and costly site visits.
Dyna-mo Instruments Bespoke Solutions - Cabinet Rework
Dyna-mo Instruments Bespoke Solutions - Cabinet Rework
We were approached by Survey Hire to rework a cabinet they have been installing which is significantly oversized.

Does your Survey, Monitoring or Inspection business struggle to leverage buying power for instruments, consumables and ancillaries?

Dyna-mo Buying Group is launching in 2024 to leverage the collective buying power of independent businesses in these sectors.

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