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Dyna-mo Vision Compact Launched

Supporting the growing demand for onsite and remote video monitoring

We are delighted to launch Dyna-mo Vision Compact. An equally impressive intelligent remote video monitoring system shrunk to almost half the size of a original system.

The launch of Vision Compact brings a greater range of options to support multiple applications and integration with existing monitoring systems and available networking connections.

Dyna-mo Vision was developed to support the adoption of intelligent remote video monitoring, providing a complete plug&play system including LTE mobile connection, cabled and wireless camera options, in system video analytics, cloud data storage and visualisation platform/mobile app. With the multitude of potential applications for the system we have focussed on enhancing the system to provide a greater range of options increasing the possible integration with existing monitoring system and onsite networks.

So what's new about Vision Compact?

Vision Compact includes all the same high performance video capture and analytics technology as the standard system, but is housed in a much smaller enclosure suited to offices, site cabin installations or less harsh environments. 2 cameras can be connect to the Vision Compact system via PoE cables with a further 6 connected via Wi-Fi*

LTE mobile models only

The Vision Compact range includes both indoor and IP67 outdoor models both with and without LTE mobile gateways. The Vision Compact system without integrated LTE Gateway can be quickly and easily connected to an existing network server or gateway. Models without the LTE mobile option only support cabled camera connections (up to 100m from the system) whereas the LTE mobile version supports Wi-Fi camera connections up to 100m away. Wi-Fi signal relay units are available to further extend the wireless range.

​Vision Compact 2 Indoor

Vision Compact 2 IP67 Outdoor

Standard | LTE Mobile

Standard | LTE Mobile

  • ​2x PoE Camera Connection Ports

  • 2x PoE IP67 Camera Connection Ports

  • 1x RJ45 Network Port

  • 1x RJ45 IP67 Network Port

  • In system video analytics

  • In system video analytics

  • 2x 8MP Dahua high performance cameras

  • 2x 8MP Dahua high performance cameras

  • LTE Mobile option has integrated mobile and Wi-Fi gateway*

  • LTE Mobile option has integrated mobile and Wi-Fi gateway*

*SIM card required

Pricing for Dyna-mo Vision Compact starts from £640 (excl. VAT) for the base unit with no cameras. There are a multitude of cameras that can be connected to Dyna-mo Vision systems.

Connecting cameras to the Vision system is quick and easy using the mobile app or desktop platform. Once connected, LIVE camera feed and motion triggered events can be viewed, filtered and downloaded.

"Dyna-mo Vision provides the perfect system for remote video monitoring, onsite CCTV, security and safety. The system can be installed remotely utilising the integrated mobile LTE connection, or connected directly to a local network cable. Cloud video storage means the feed and recordings can be accessed from anywhere and are not liable to corruption or loss."

"With the launch of Vision Compact the system now has even broader applications for office, industrial / commercial unit, remote site, mobile or even at home."

"The really exciting development for Vision is that it can be connected to a 3rd party onsite gateway removing a duplication of onsite network connections and the associated cost. Either by LAN cable or Wi-Fi, linking the Vision Compact system to a 3rd party gateway is easy and simplifies the onsite installation of monitoring systems."

Toby Cottam - Managing Director, Dyna-mo Instruments.

Dyna-mo Vision Compact compliments the wide array of sensors and monitoring system available from Dyna-mo Instruments including complete remote wireless monitoring systems.

More information about Dyna-mo Vision and Vision Compact is available on our website.

For enquires or for more information about our systems, or any of our other sensors and accessories please get in touch.

We develop solutions to solve your installation challenges so please get in touch if you have a specific need or question for us to solve.

TEL. 44 (0) 1604 832 196

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