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Dyna-mo Instruments Launches

Following the introduction of Move Solutions structural health monitoring system in the UK there has been a growing need for additional accessories and geotechnical sensors to support the installation and full utilisation of the system. Dyna-mo Instruments provides the accessories and integrated sensors to do just that.

Welcome to the Dyna-mo Instruments News and Blog where we will keep you updated with project case studies, new products, installation solutions and business news. .

Monitoring system installations are not always as straight forward as we would like. Dyna-mo Instruments provides the answer to complex and bespoke installations.

To compliment the superb plug and play Move Solutions system's, Dyna-mo Instruments provides off the shelf and bespoke compatible components for more complicated or challenging installation locations. All of our products have been selected, designed and tested specifically to integrate with the Move Solutions system, from antenna mounts to full solar power kits.

Off the shelf or developed for your needs.

Our product range is growing continuously in response to new install locations and integration needs. You'll find included in our range;

  • Power solutions from battery to solar.

  • Security accessories including lockable IP66 gateway cabinets.

  • Mounting ideas for sensors, gateways and antennas.

  • Tested cables and connectors.

  • Tested geotechnical sensors to integrate with your Move Solutions system.

If you cannot find a resolution to your installation needs or RF/LTE communication challenges please get in touch and we will work with you to find the right components for you.

m 07533 970209



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