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Intelligent Remote Video Monitoring, Security & Time-Lapse


Dyna-mo Vision is a plug & play intelligent remote video monitoring system with integrated mobile LTE communication, Wi-Fi, video analytics, motion triggered and 24/7 recording with a cloud based platform to access live feeds and captured events from anywhere via desktop or mobile app. 

Remote Monitoring
At Home
Farms & Agriculture

Dyna-mo Vision is the perfect cloud based video monitoring, security and time-lapse system for all kinds of locations. Quick to install, easy to operate and ensuring your captured video is safe, corruption free and accessible from anywhere. 

Video monitoring provides invaluable information to determine historic events and activity, to provide site security and to capture time-lapse project records.

The system hub is housed in 400 x 300 x 150mm IP66 system enclosure which is, wall or pole mountable.

Our new Vision Compact system is even smaller at just 240 x 160 x 90mm.

Compact System

The Dahua cameras we supply with a Vision system have superb low light IR technology, allowing them to operate and capture clear images in up to 30m in zero light conditions.

Perfect for installation in unlit areas, culverts, tunnels and underground.

Low Light Visibility

To support the installation of our Vision systems in various environments we have a range of installation accessories available.

Camera arms, mounting kits and solar power systems.

We can also fabricate any bespoke installation accessories required.

Installation Accessories

The system onboard AI is constantly processing the video feed from multiple cameras to detect activity.

With the analytics add-on+ objects in the field of view are identified and tagged to enable quick and easy filtering of the video captured.

Alerts can be set based on created rules to include certain objects or to ignore others.

Intelligent Analytics

The desktop platform CCTV connect is fully customisable.

View multiple cameras and locations on a single dashboard, change camera settings, manage access, review video analytics and download video content and still images.

24/7 or Motion Triggered

The Vision system can be powered by a 110-240Vac or a 12v solar power system.

Our 400W / 200Ah LiFeP04 solar power system can keep the system online 24/7 in the UK.

*For installations in other regions please get in touch for a suitable solar power system.

Mains or Solar Powered

The system has an integrated LTE Gateway (multiple region version available) to enable installation anywhere a mobile phone signal is present.

For areas where no LTE signal is available, the system can be paired with a StarLink satellite system to enable connectivity.

Remote Installation

Dyna-mo Vision is supported by both Web and mobile apps (IOS & Android) to enable access to the camera feeds and analytics from anywhere.

Change camera settings and configuations, detection zones, alerts, manage access and add new or remove cameras.

On The Move

Where it is not possible to cable a camera connection, our Wi-Fi camera units enable cabled cameras to be quickly and easily converted to Wi-Fi and installed up to 300m from the system enclosure.

Our Wi-Fi conversion units are waterproof IP67.

Wi-Fi Camera Units

The Vision system is supplied with Dahua 8mp cameras as standard.

Any camera that supports ONVIF will work with the Vision system with auto detection and simple configuration.

The Vision system supports Wi-Fi camera connections.

HD Video Quality

How it works!

The Dyna-mo Vision system contains

  • Micro Cloud Adapter with 32GB Backup Storage

  • Industrial PoE Switch

  • Mobile LTE & Wi-Fi Gateway

When mains powered, a single PoE cable provides power and data connection to connected IP cameras.

The Vision system continuously monitors the video feed from multiple cameras and sends the recorded video to the Vision Cloud Server. 

Dyna-mo Vision requires a monthly or annual subscription for recorded video and advanced analytics. 

Dyna-mo Vision Options

Dyna-mo Vision System

Dyna-mo Vision Compact System LTE

Dyna-mo Vision Compact System

Dyna-mo Vision Time-Lapse System

Cloud Subscriptions

Monthly Subscription Per Camera

Video Quality


Dyna-mo Vision provides safe and secure cloud based video storage that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. A subscription is required for each connected camera as high resolution video storage consumes a huge amount of storage space. One 8MP camera creates over 300GB of data every month. 

Cloud Storage Duration
Motion Triggered Recordings
24/7 Recording With Analytics
2 days
7 days
14 days
30 days
40 days
60 days
90 days
120 days
180 days
1 year
2 years
3 years
Need a Hi-Res Time-Lapse video system for construction sites and project developments? 
Dyna-mo Vision Time-Lapse is a solar powered time-lapse video system with 3MP 2K quality
IMG_8657 2.HEIC
Are you looking for a quotation for a complete remote video monitoring system
All our Vision systems are supplied ready to install onsite

Dyna-mo Vision is an intelligent remote video monitoring system incorporating video analytics 24/7 and motion triggered recording and integrated mobile LTE gateway.

Remote Connection

Access camera feeds, recordings and analytics anywhere with the intuitive CCTV Connect mobile and desktop apps (IOS & Android).

Remote Connection

Remote Connection

Dyna-mo Vision is quick and easy to configure and install. Configure cameras and change settings via the desktop or mobile apps.

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