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Automatic Total Station Monitoring : Remote Off-Grid Solar Power System

Automated total station monitoring - Trimble

Whether you are a Leica, Trimble or alternative brand TS user, remote ATS monitoring can present a significant power supply challenge if mains power is not available.

With the internal Total Station battery lasting only a few hours, and even with multi-battery adapters this still only extending the power supply to a day or so at most, long-term ATS monitoring deployment often leads to less than ideal off-grid power installations, repeat site visits to change batteries, or less frequent readings with a surveyor onsite.

Poor site battery installation

We've seen all manner of off-grid power installations that are unreliable with exposed batteries, protected by little more than tarpaulin, poorly balanced solar installs, using SLD batteries, and some that risk electrocution.

After receiving several enquiries for a practical, long-life solar system that will work with multiple ATS units, we developed the TM-SP solar power systems.

What is the TM-SP Solar Power Systems?

The TM-SP4 Solar Power System is made up of 3 key components

  • Power Box

  • Solar Panels

  • Power Supply Cabling

TM-SPB Power Box


At the core of the TM-SP Solar Power Systems is the high battery capacity Power Box. The Power Box can be deployed as a battery-power-only or paired with a TM-SPS Solar Panel Kit for continuous solar power supply.

There are 3 options of battery capacity for the Power Box

  • 460Ah

  • 560Ah

  • 600Ah

The Power Box includes a 40Amp MPPT solar charge controller, Bluetooth system monitor, quick release battery terminals, trip switches, 12Vdc CNLinko power output socket and MC4 Solar PV cable connectors all housed in a robust weatherproof wheeled enclosure.

The TM-SPB batteries are Lithium Phosphate (LiFeP04) so do not release gases when charging and do not present a risk of explosion, unlike Lithium-ION batteries.

TM-SPB Quick Release Battery Connectors

One of the challenges in transporting high capacity batteries to site is their weight. To make transporting the TM-SPB Power Box easier, the system enclosure has a retractable handle and roller wheels at one end. The battered can also be quickly and easily removed and re-installed, with each battery connected via a quick release T-Bar connector and with carry handles.

Once installed onsite, the TM-SPB Power Box has one-button operation to turn the power output supply on and off.

TM-SPS - Solar Panel Kit

Adding a TM-SPS Solar Panel Kit to your TM-SPB Power Box provides solar PV charging to keep your power supply online 24/7.

There are 3 options for TM-SPS Solar Panel Kit

  • 175W Single Panel

  • 350W Dual Panel

  • 525W Tripple Panel

Why are there 3 Solar Panel Kit options?

With so much fluctuation in the amount of solar PV charge achievable in different regions of the globe and at different times of year, the 3 Solar Panel Kit options enable you to choose the right kit for your region, time of year and length of system deployment.

We would always recommend pairing at TM-SPB Power Box with a TM-SPS Solar Panel Kit that allows for the worst case scenario with regards to the solar PV charge.

If you are unsure which TM-SPS Solar Panel Kit is right for your project, please get in touch and we are happy to help provide guidance.

Integral Solar Panel Stands

Each solar panel has an integral solar panel stand that takes seconds to install.

Multi-panel kits are linked together using the included multi-panel spitter that maximises the solar panels performance ensuring solar PV charge even when panels are partially in shade and during poorer weather.


The power supply output connector on the TM-SPB Power Box is a 2-pin CNLinko socket.

We offer several options to connect the power supply to your Total Station depending on the configuration of your instrumentation and devices deployed.


M1 Settop Box or OctoHub Connection

We have 2 options for connecting the TM-SPB Power Box to a Trimble S5,S7 or S9 ATS Monitoring set-up.

  • Direct connection - TM-SPB to M1 Settop Box or OctoHub

  • M1 Settop Enclosure

Direct connection - TM-SPB to M1 Settop Box or OctoHub

M1 Settop Box Enclosure

We have 2 options for M1 Settop Box Enclosures

M1 Settop Enclosure
  • M1 Settop Box Enclosure Housing M1 Settop Box and OctoHub with external connection ports for Antenna, Total Station, AD-12 and RJ45 IP Camera. 12Vdc and 110-240Vac power input sockets.

  • M1 Settop Box Compct Housing M1 Settop Box with external connection ports for Antenna and Total Station.

Both are supplied with pole and wall mount fixings.

Leica We are currently working with a leading UK geospatial and montioring sevice provider to finalise cablng options for the Leica Comms box units to ensure compatibility with both current and legacy models.

TM-SP4 Solar Power System Deployment

Demonstration and pricing

If you would like to know more about the TM-SP solar power system, request a demonstration or quotation please get in touch.

tel: 01604 832 196

Rob Merry ,

Techsol Civil Engineering Surveyors.

Using Dyna-mo Instruments TM-SP4 remote off-grid solar power system for the first time on a railway job in Wicklow where power was not available. The support throughout has been faultless. Many thanks.


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