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Reliable back-up power to keep your systems online.

Continuity of data feed can be critical to ensuring confidence in your monitoring system.. Dyna-mo Instruments back up power systems can keep your system online when mains power is lost.

Mains power can be lost for a variety of reasons. Power cuts, plugs being switched off (we’ve heard all kinds of horror stories from security guards wanting to charge their mobile to residential homes simply switching off the plug when the contractors went home for the night) or generators only being online when the site is being worked.

Installing a battery connected to an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) can provide a short term solution to this. But once the battery has been depleted, the back up power is no longer available. If it is not identified that the back up power system was triggered it may not be known that the battery is now dead and there is no longer back up power available.

What is really needed is a system that automatically recharges when mains power is back online to provide back up power availability over and over again.

Our brand new auto-recharge back-up power system provides just the solution.

The IP66 secure cabinet houses a 31Ah LiFeP04 battery pack providing power when the primary power source is lost. Automatically transferring to the power pack in less than 1.5 seconds, our auto-recharge back-up power system can be used to power many 240v AC systems. For the Move Solutions Gateway it will provide 48hrs+ power for the system.

When the primary power source returns the system switches back and automatically begins recharging the power pack to ensure it is ready to support back-up power when next needed.

The system is supplied ready to install with a a 13amp plug (cable length can be supplied as required) and a choice of device power connections. For the Move Solutions Gateway the system is supplied with an IP67 external PoE socket.

We will be discontinuing our existing back-up power systems which do not include the auto-recharge functionality as from February 1st 2022.

If you have specific power requirements for your system installation we can develop bespoke solutions including battery, solar, wind, hydro and combination off-grid power.

We develop integrated solutions to solve your installation challenges so please get in touch if you have a specific need or question for us to solve.

m 07533 970209


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