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N-Viro Monitoring - Environmental Monitoring System

We shared earlier this year that we have developed an integrated environmental monitoring system with the Move Solutions system.

Following further testing and development we are excited to share the new branding for our environmental monitoring system range

Whether you are looking for an integrated environmental monitoring system to work alongside a structural health monitoring system or for a stand alone solution, our N-Viro Monitoring system enables both.

To support the various installation challenges we have developed a range of system configurations to help. Power options for the system include both mains power and solar, wind and hydro power versions. Data connection can be via an integrated communication node or via our new Dyna-mo Connect communication hubs.

Various sensor configurations are available including.

  • Wind monitoring (speed & direction)*

  • Noise monitoring

  • Air quality monitoring

  • Noise & Air Quality Monitoring

  • Noise, Air Quality & Wind Monitoring

  • Wind, Rainfall & UV Monitoring*

  • Wind, Rainfall & Air Quality Monitoring*

*System's do not require power connection

Installation is quick and easy with systems wall, pole or flat surface mountable. (air quality systems must be installed with a minimum of 2m clearance below the system.)

The system can provide real-time data or configurable frequency readings. The sound and noise sensors calculate the average readings on a rolling basis for;

  • 30mins (noise)

  • 60mins (noise)

  • 24hrs (air quality)

For enquires or for more information about our N-Viro Monitoring systems please get in touch.

We develop integrated solutions to solve your installation challenges so please get in touch if you have a specific need or question for us to solve.

TEL. 44 (0) 1604 312 663


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