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Move Solutions sensor battery replacement.

Despite Move Solutions sensor impressive battery life, they will eventually expire and require changing. The good news is that changing a battery and getting a sensor back online couldn’t be easier!

The batteries inside Move Solutions sensors are readily available D size 3.6v lithium batteries. Those installed when the sensor is supplied are manufactured by EVE.

However as these are standard 2.6v D batteries, alternatives can be used without impacting the battery life or performance of the sensor.

At Dyna-mo Instruments we support the original as installed EVE batteries and an alternative cost effective battery with the same performance specification.

Changing the batteries could not be easier as demonstrated in our YouTube video published on LinkedIn in 2021.

Move Solutions sensors have two watchdog software functionalities that continuously check the sensors LoRaWAN connection to the gateway and validate the data readings are not corrupted. Should either watchdog find an issue, the sensor is restarted and automatically reconnects to the gateway. Why two watchdogs running simultaneously? Should one of the watchdogs fail the second takes over fully, ensuring continuous and reliable performance of every sensor.

To replace the sensor batteries, the sensor cover is removed by unscrewing the screws on the top of the sensor.

The battery is held in place by a clamp clip. Release one side of the clip and pull out the dead battery. Slot in the new replacement battery and the sensor immediately reactivates and will connect to the gateway and continue transmitting readings. There’s no need to reconfigure the sensor or its connection to the gateway and cloud platform.

There are a varying number of batteries in each sensor type as detailed below.


Number of Batteries





SHM Accelerometer


Deck Sensor


Analogue Node


Digital Node


We develop integrated solutions to solve your installation challenges so please get in touch if you have a specific need or question for us to solve.

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