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Environmental impact monitoring for construction sites.

Construction sites can have significant impact on surrounding structures and residents. Monitoring the impact of construction activities to ensure they stay within acceptable levels is key to ensuring you are operating as a Considerate Constructor and can provide records of readings should complaints be made.

With the launch of Move Solutions wireless dynamic vibrometer it is now possible to measure the impact of vibration from construction activities on surrounding structures to ensure it stays within stipulated limits. It may also be vital to be able to prove that any cosmetic or structural damage was not caused by site works.

The Move Solutions vibrometers are mounted directly on to the structure that is to be observed with multiple devices connected through a single LoRaWAN gateway that can be situated a significant distance from the sensors.

But vibrations are not the only pollution caused by construction sites. Dust and noise can also cause significant disturbance, so it is important to ensure you are operating within the legislated limits. In addition, wind speeds and direction can effect the impact these pollutants have on the surrounding community.

The Move Solutions analogue node enables the integration of third party devices in to the Move Solution wireless system architecture, visualising data via their Cloud Platform. Working closely with their technical team, Dyna-mo Instruments are finalising the release of a fully integrated monitoring solution that provides a full picture of the environmental impact.

All connected via a single analogue node and supplied as a ready to go, plug and play system, our environmental monitoring solution captures data on;

Noise levels

Air particles

Wind speed

Wind direction

*Supplementing the vibration data captured by Move Solutions vibrometers.

To ensure it can be placed in the optimal position onsite, the system is powered by solar power and neatly contained in an IP67 enclosure housing a LiFeP04 battery and power controller and to which the environmental sensors are mounted, which can be pole or wall mounted.

The data is displayed on the Move Solutions cloud platform in a single window showing readings from all four sensors simultaneously.

The system is planned for release in early March ‘22 and can be purchased alongside Move Solutions systems from Visual-ize and KOREC.

We develop integrated solutions to solve your installation challenges so please get in touch if you have a specific need or question for us to solve.

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