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Construction site monitoring?

Monitoring the impact of construction site activity on adjacent structures can be a costly headache! Designing an appropriate system and validating the acceptable tolerances can be a complex and frustrating process.

The launch of Move Solutions’ wireless dynamic long life triaxial accelerometer presents a game changing approach to recording the vibrations experienced by adjacent structures, in line with the BS7385 and BS5228 standards.

These standards outline the methodology for vibration monitoring and the vibration limits at which cosmetic and structural damage is aniticipated to occur.


Operating 24/7 365, these sensors take between 40 and 640 readings every second to measure the vibration of the structure they are attached to. The release of the new SHM model now enables the measurement of both acceleration and velocity, but more specifically, via the Cloud Platform, the PPV of any significant event is identified.

For more complex structures like high rise buildings, tunnels and bridges, the SHM model enables a series of accelerometers to be highly synchronised. The synchronised data is presented via the Cloud Platform as an instant modal shape graph, enabling immediate identification of a loss in the uniform response of a structure.

This powerful insight in to the impact of construction activities on nearby structures can enable rapid response when levels present a very real risk to causing structural damage. What’s even more important is that this predictive monitoring can highlight risk far earlier than tilt sensors and visual measurement instruments.

As many infrastructure developments are in remote areas, Dyna-mo instruments supporting products enable off-grid installations and solutions for complex subterranean or restricted locations.

Move Solutions plug and play, rapid deployment wireless system can provide real time data for multiple years without the need for repeated inspections or calibrations, saving time and money versus alternative solutions.

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