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Single Source Supplier & System Integrator


Dyna-mo Instruments develops and supplies monitoring, power and connectivity solutions for a variety of applications and industries.

Structural Monitoring

Tilt | Vibration | Acceleration | Position | Distance | Strain | Cracks | Load | Activity and more...


Security | Livestock Tracking | Ground Conditions | Asset Tracking and more...


Dust | Noise | Vibration | Tilt | Concrete Curing | Concrete Corrosion | Ground Conditions and more...


Temperature | Gases | Noise | Activity | Security and more...


Wind | Rainfall | Temperature | Air Pressure | Humidity | Air Quality | Dust | Noise | Water Level | Flow Rate  and more...

Dyna-mo Instruments is a one-stop-shop for comprehensive monitoring solutions, power supply and much more. Unlike other providers, we are completely independent and unbiased, ensuring our advice and solutions are entirely agnostic. Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing the perfect match between your requirements and our recommendations.

What sets us apart is our broad array of devices, systems, components, bespoke fabrication, customisations and additional services we supply. 


To guarantee seamless implementation, we pre-connect, pre-configure and rigorously test all systems before shipping, simplifying the installation process for our customers. Our services extend to preparing full system proposals, providing onsite installation support and installation delivery*. 


With Dyna-mo Instruments, you can trust in reliable, sustainable and user-friendly monitoring solutions tailored just for you.

*Installations are delivered by our installation partners. 

Gateways | Tilt Sensors | Wireless Sensor Nodes | Vibration Sensors

Wireless Remote Monitoring Systems

Piezometers | In-place Inclinometers | Temperature Sensors | Stability Sensors

Geotechnical Sensors

Strain Gauges | Crack Sensors | In-place Inclinometers | Concrete Sensors | Leak Detection Sensors

Structural Sensors

Noise | Dust | Weather | Water | Gases | Full Systems

Environmental Sensors

Remote Video Monitoring | Security | ANPR | People Count | Time-lapse | Cameras | Cloud Recorders | Cabling

Video Monitoring

Remote USB control | Micro Survey Prisms | IP67 Power Units | Micro GNSS System


Systems | Batteries | Solar Panels | Charge Controllers | Cabling

Solar Power

Battery Systems | Back-up Power Systems | AC/DC Inverters | Step-Up Convertors | Step-down Converters

Power Supply

Tilt beams | Enclosures | Mounting Brackets | Antenna Extensions | Ground Screws/Stakes | Sensor Covers | Bespoke Fabrications

Installation Accessories

LTE Gateways | Data Loggers | Cabling


Dynamic Tilt & Vibration | Weigh In Motion | Vehicle Dimension Scanning

Monitoring Systems

Power | Networking | Antennas


Our Product Categories


We are suppliers for many of the most innovative technology brands.


Dyna-mo Vision provides remote video monitoring, security and time-lapse recording in any location with a mobile (LTE) signal. The system incorporates high performance Dahua cameras, high speed LTE gateway and cloud adapter. It can be configured to record 24/7 or be triggered by motion, supported by desktop and mobile apps to review recordings, apply filters based on intelligent analytics and download MP4 video files including time-lapse recordings.


N-Viro systems provides remote wireless monitoring of multiple environmental parameters including noise, air quality, wind, rainfall, gas detection, temperature, humidity and air pressure.


The CMM range provides the perfect monitoring system for construction and demolition sites ensuring noise and dust levels do not create an environmental hazard for local residents and workers onsite.


The WS range provides remote weather monitoring for a variety of applications.

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