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Working Together

Growing a start-up business can be a challenging and expensive venture. The support we have received has been invaluable to our success to date. With the continual expansion of our offering, the need for effective, mutually beneficial long term partnerships is vital to our ongoing success.

From distributors and technical partners to instrumentation manufacturers and growth facilitators, we are proud to have such fantastic working relationships.


Our distributor network continues to grow. In the UK our partners Visual-ize and KOREC have worked with us since the launch of Dyna-mo Instruments in 2021, and we are excited to have expanded our network to include GeoCal in Northern Ireland. In North America are product range is available through Portable Tools LLC.

*Image - N-Viro install in London supplied by Visual-ize

Technical Partners

The development of new integrated solutions, project installations and monitoring management, receives fantastic support from our technical partnership with Terra Measurement, Academy Geomatics and Encompass Surveys. Together we are able to provide holistic solutions for structural health monitoring projects.

*Image - Custom Vision camera arm developed to support an Encompass installation

Instrumentation Manufacturers

Many of the enquiries we receive relate to the integration of geotechnical and environmental sensors. With an array of innovative and technologically advanced products on the market we carefully select partners who‘s approach aligns with our vision, to simplify and enable effective structural health monitoring. we greatly appreciate the support we have received and our developing relationship with

Elastisense - dynamic, flexible displacement sensors

Alert - remote asbestos fibre monitoring

NoiseMeters - class 2 noise monitoring instruments

MeasurementSystems - particulate monitoring instruments

Videoloft - Intelligent video analytics

HikVision - Video cameras

Soil Instruments - Geotechnical Sensors

BeiLai Technology Co., Ltd - IoT solutions

...and many others

*Image - Concept early warning sensor developed in collaboration with our suppliers

Growth Facilitators

We believe that underpinning our core values is the importance of supporting, enabling and encouraging future generations, not just in engineering and surveying, but in all relating specialisms. We are absolutely delighted to be working closely with University of Northampton, both supporting and providing opportunities to their students, and working to develop real world solutions to simplify and enhance structural health monitoring integrations. We will be working with the university to provide market research opportunities, product development projects, social value realisation and to give students an insight in to opportunities their academic studies can open up for their future careers.

As part of the support we have received from the University of Northampton we are now members of Northamptonshire Chambers of Commerce.

We are continually looking for new working partnerships. If you feel your business could realise mutual benefit from working with Dyna-mo Instruments, please get in touch and we will be happy share our vision and strategy to understand how we might work together.

We develop integrated solutions to empower structural health monitoring, so please get in touch if you have a specific need or question for us to solve.


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